August Family Talk

I’m writing this month’s column from Pratt, Kansas, where our mission team is winding down a week of ministry to the First Southern Baptist Church, a wonderful congregation of brothers and sisters in Christ who are doing almost exactly what we were doing two years ago: building! The construction team, lead by Pastor Daryl, has done amazing work this week, and the VBS preparation team has had a great time decorating and helping Pratt’s VBS leadership get ready for their week of ministering to kids and their families.

One of the most enjoyable things to me of serving with our sister churches is the opportunity we have to learn from one another. While every church (or at least the ones who are seeking to honor God and His Word) basically has the same functions, each church has the tendency to perform those functions in unique ways. Taking the time to watch, listen, and ask questions helps both the host congregation and their guests learn new and creative ways to worship, connect, grow spiritually, and reach the lost in their communities.

Pastor Steve Taylor here is also a former missionary to Africa, and we have had a great time sharing and encouraging one another. At the same time, our team has had some wonderful opportunities to fellowship together and enjoy strengthening our relationships with one another, as well as meeting some wonderful new friends and brothers and sisters in Christ!

So, why did I choose to write a “letter from the field” this month? Well, first, I wanted to help you feel a little bit like you are here with us, with sheetrock dust in your hair and dreaming of VBS decorations. And second, to remind us that whether we are in Waterloo or Pratt, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, seeking with God’s help to shine the light of the gospel into the dark places around us. We are one family!  

- Steve