July Family Talk

“When should we worry?” I was asked that question the other day by a concerned member of the First Family after the slew of Supreme Court decisions were handed down about everything from “Obamacare” to same-sex marriages. My response was one that anyone who knows me well would expect: “I don’t know...worry about what?”

I really didn’t mean to be disrespectful of the question, but I think it is important that we differentiate between what is legitimate concern and what is a mere lack of faith. Like many of you, I am very concerned about the future direction of our nation. I pray for our leaders, and that God would open their eyes to see the potential fallout to future generations from the decisions that they are making today. I am also concerned for people who have been deceived by the rhetoric of various interest groups in our country, who use slick talking and emotion-driven campaigns to sway people to support positions that they don’t even understand.

But am I worried about the church? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! There is nothing that the world, the flesh, or the devil can do to the church of Jesus Christ unless God in His infinite wisdom and grace allows it. We must never forget that the church is His church...not ours...and He will guard it and guide it and protect it.

Do I think there is the potential for difficult days ahead? Absolutely...but when have difficult days ever held down the people of God? The struggles that God allows us to face, while difficult in the moment, serve to purify His people and to show the absolutely unflinching commitment that we have to the truths of God’s Word and the Savior whom we follow.

So, don’t worry! God will guide us, no matter what may lie ahead. And never let yourself forget...we know the end of the story!