June Family Talk

June is almost always one of the most exciting months of the year around the First Family...and this year it will be even more exciting! June is usually the month that we have our annual Vacation Bible School, and this year we will take kids from all over Waterloo and the surrounding area on a “Journey off the Map” as we learn that things which are unknown to us are always known by God. We will also send our students off to Super Summer on June 23rd for a time of worship and spiritual growth. Join with me in prayer for our children, our students, and the adults that will be working with them at these two events.

June is also preparation month for our summer mission trip. There is still time to get your name on the list to travel with us to Pratt, Kansas for a combined construction/evangelism adventure. Some of our team will help with the Builders for Christ construction project, while others will help with VBS preparation and promotion around Pratt. In addition, there will be lots of time for fellowship and just being together as a team!

But the biggest, and I believe most exciting, happening in June is our summer worship schedule. Beginning on the 7th we will be one church worshipping as one family in one worship service! It has been years since we have worshipped as one congregation for an extended period of time. This summer we will be able to get better acquainted with one another and enjoy being together as we celebrate God’s presence with us in Bible study and worship. Remember the time change, and join us for Bible study at 8:45 and worship at 10:00. Sunday evenings will continue at 6:00.

And don’t forget all of the Wednesday activities, especially our Family Bible study nights, as we discuss Christian character qualities like obedience, courage, and integrity. June is an exciting month!