October Family Talk

October Family Talk

Well, fall is here, and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!   But before we can get to that, we have to get through October!

The big thing coming down the pipe is our Ensuring the Vision capital campaign. In 2012, as part of our building of the Beacon, we launched a covenant campaign called Beyond Measure. As a church family, we covenanted with God to give almost $620,000 over and above our regular tithe to help with paying part our construction costs. That commitment was completed in March of this year. And we have been very faithful in honoring those covenant promises!  But there are still debts to be paid!

Ensuring the Vision is just what the name implies: a way for us to make sure that the vision God has given us for the Beacon, as well as the broader ministries of our church, can go forward. This week you will be receiving a letter from me, along with a statement of where our vision is at this point in the life of our church family. As we prepare ourselves for Commitment Sunday on November 15, now is the time to begin praying about how God might want you to participate with Him and your church family to ensure the vision that He has given us for years to come!

 One of the unique aspects of the Ensuring the Vision emphasis is that it is not a three-year commitment. Instead, you will be asked to prayerfully covenant with God concerning the gifts that He would have you give for 2016 only.  Then, each year, you will have the opportunity to recommit or modify your giving covenant based on how God has blessed you and enabled you to give. This will accomplish several things for us as a church family:

1. It will keep our commitment and the task ahead of us in our minds on a regular basis;

2. It will give us the opportunity to see more frequently where we are in terms of our indebtedness;

3. It will engage new members more quickly in the work of ensuring the God-given tasks of their new church family;

It will give each of us the opportunity to make more informed...and prayerful...consideration for what we should give, as opposed to trying to determine our ability three years in advance.

I have asked the Finance Committee to develop a plan for how the resources that we give to the Ensuring the Vision emphasis will be utilized. This will help us not only to reduce the debt of our construction but also to finance some of the pressing capital needs that we currently have with our property and buildings. They will bring their recommendation to the October family meeting for your discussion and approval.

My prayer as your pastor is that we will be united as we work to faithfully dispense with our indebtedness in order to ensure the vision that God has given us to be a light to our community that points people to Christ. After receiving your letter from me, you will be contacted by a team that will be glad to answer any questions you may have. They will also invite you to a time of fellowship and information to help as you pray about your covenant commitment for the coming year. I pray that you will feel free to ask whatever questions are necessary to help you make a wise, informed, and Sprit-led decision.

-Bro. Steve